Video News Release

 “Target journalists, bloggers and media outlets who matter to you”.

 Get your message into the right hands at the right time

Target journalists, bloggers, and media outlets who matter to you.

Get your message into the right hands at the right time.

Targeting the suitable media and bloggers looking for news related to your industry plays a strategic role in the success of your communications. Sending VNR to Newsroom is a way to secure visibility on news bulletins and specialized programs.

Two versions of VNR should be made to spread the message; one completed clip ready to air and another rough video incorporating various camera angles with natural sound so that individual news stations can construct news stories that reflect their styles and formatting.

Edit the right VNR. Avoiding material that is too biased, too promotional, or too controversial is critical because it will waste all your effort, and the footage will not be aired.

Access to updated media lists can help you increase your coverage and build productive relationships with journalists, bloggers, and influencers.

Journalists, editors, and writers constantly search for quotable sources for their stories and content. By promoting experts in your company who have valuable insight into your industry topics, you increase your company’s ability to get significant media attention.

Make your experts available to the media to comment on breaking news as it happens. Live interviews with key players in any industry rather than news reporters are becoming the new trend for TV Stations. Facilitating the technical equipment and the expert at the right time is the best way to increase the chances of being on air on news bulletins.